Curriculum vitae

Educational attainment:

1999-Ph.D.:University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Agriculture, CZ - Plant pathology

1994-M.Sc.:University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Agriculture, CZ - Integrated Pest management

Professional Experience:

1999-present, Assistant specialist: University of South Bohemia,Faculty of Science Department of Botany, Mycology and Plant Pathology

2004, 2006-Visiting Professor: University of Namibia, Faculty of Natural Resources, Winhoek

2000-Visiting Professor:University of South China, Faculty of Agriculture, Guangzhou (Canton)

1993-1994-M.Sc.student:Lanbow Agriculture University, Wageningen, NL - Integrated Pest management, Program "Tempus" "Environmentaly Safe Crop Protection"

Fields and Scientific Focus:

Plant Pathology:Biothrophic plant pathogens - rust and powdery mildews,ecology, epidemy, genetic variability and potential biological control

Mycology:Mycoparasitic fungi - ecology, seasonal variability, diversity and host specifity

Ectomycorrhiza:large-scale application, identification by using standard microscopic and molecular methods,diversity and ecology